Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Two resources I mentioned

I wanted to share two resources that I mentioned this past Sunday at Hub City. They both have to do with prayer. 

When it comes to prayer most of us need help. That shouldn't make us feel bad. Jesus' disciples needed help too. 

A great book, that's pretty easy to read, is Mark Patterson's The Circle Maker. It has a companion called Draw the Circle. A number of us are starting off the year doing this 40 day prayer journey together. It's only $1.99 on kindle.

I would recommend both of those books.

I also mentioned praying for the world. If your like me then that is a pretty overwhelming thought. That's why I'm grateful for Operation World. Every morning in my inbox I get a guide to help me pray for the world. I highly recommend this. We need to expand our praying and Operation World's prayer guide is a huge help.

I want you to learn how to pray better in 2015. Prayer is an essential piece for shaping your spiritual future. Hopefully these resources will help. We'll also be talking about this more this coming Sunday at Hub City. Don't miss it.


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