Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Don't say no for someone else

I think one of the best skills we can ever develop is the learning to say no. Our time, energy and resources are limited. We can't do everything. We need to learn to say no to thing that distract us or keep us from what's best.

I'm a fan of no.

But too often, we find ourselves saying no for somebody else. 

This is a problem.

There are all kinds of ways we do this, but here's how is looks in the church world. 

We say no for someone else when we don't invite them to church because we think they'll say no.

We say no for someone when we back off from talking about Jesus because we think they aren't interested.

But what if they were to say yes, and what if they aren't waiting to say no, but are instead waiting on an invite or a conversation because they want to say yes.

Do learn to say no. Just don't say it for someone else.

I think to many of us who call ourselves Christians have been saying no for someone else for too long. Let others make their own decisions.

And use this as a motivation to invite someone to come with you Sunday to whatever worship gathering you're a part of. If you live in the Spartanburg area we would love for you to hang out with us at Hub City. 10 AM. Spartan 16 Movie Theater.


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