Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Own your own growth

I am of the belief that each person is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth. Now, that doesn't mean that we can grow spiritually solo or all alone. We can't. We need the Church. We need one another. But someone else can't grow us. We have to own our own growth.

I came across a series of questions in a book (Simply Strategic Volunteers by Morgan and Stevens I just finished that are great self-assesment questions. I'll paraphrase them here.

  • Worship: Am I exhibiting a life devoted to God? Am I participating regularly in a corporate expression of worship? 
  • Fellowship: Am I connected in growing, healthy relationships? Have I identified myself with a local church congregation? 
  • Maturity: Am I taking the next step I'm supposed to take? Is there evidence of growth in my life? If so, what?
  • Evangelism: Do I continually build relationships with the unchurched? Am I inviting and including others who aren't like me in my life? 
  • Ministry: Have I discovered how God has wired me? Am I making a difference in other people's lives? Am I doing this in relationship with others?
When it comes to your spiritual growth you need to own it. These question may help in letting you know if you are taking ownership of your own growth.


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