Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't miss Easter

This week and next week are extremely busy for my family. If you know me at all then you know that I value simplicity over busyness. But there are times when busyness seems to win out. This is one of those times for my family.

On top of all that we have going on, Easter is this Sunday. 

Easter's a big day for those of us who are Christians. 

But as I was getting dressed this morning I realized that I'm allowing the busyness of these two weeks distract me from Easter.

That would be a tragedy. 

So I've come up with a couple of ideas to refocus myself and my family on Easter in the midst of this busy time. I thought I'd share because I know many of you are in the same busy boat.

Thursday - My family is going to read the story of the last supper and celebrate communion together. Never done this before as a family.

Friday - Read the crucifixion story. 

Saturday - Work outside in the yard and garden. This recalibrates my spirit.

Sunday - After celebrating Easter at Hub City we'll reread the resurrection story together as a family.

I know. There's nothing profound here, but there is intentionality. I want to be intentional about not missing Easter. I think you should too.


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