Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lifelong learner

As I type this, Matthew, my 10-year-old, is making his way through the piano music books we have playing each song. It is very loud, but he's pretty good at sight reading music. 

A couple of days ago he told me why he does this. In his words: I'm improving my mind, because my two hands have to do different things. When you do this it improves your mind.

Who knew?!?!

I'm glad he's trying to improve his mind. My hope is that he and my other two boys will be lifelong learners. That's one of my goals as well.

I love reading and learning. Right now I'm reading Malcolm Gladwell's new book, David and Goliath. It's fascinating, but I'm not reading it to be fascinated. I'm reading to learn.

I've heard it many times: Leaders are learners. 

But I don't really like that statement because I think all of us need to be learners. So, what are you learning? What learning habits have you incorporated into your daily routine?

For me, it is reading. For you it could be watching some DIY program and replicating what you see. It could be researching and trying out a new recipe. The key is to always be learning. 

At 98 years of age, my grandfather is still reading Popular Mechanics and other magazines and loves learning new things. I hope that's true of me if I make it that long. I hope that's true of you as well.

I'm learning that I need to invest in a good pair of noise muffling ear protection... man, this kid plays loud.


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