Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Space - The "why" behind the "what"

I don’t know if you realize this or not, but there’s just something about Americans and space. Not outer-space, but personal-space. We like our personal space. Which means we don’t like to sit close to people.

That’s why sociologists and people who study crowds have come up with the 70% rule. The 70% rule says that when a room is 70% full it is perceived to be 100% full, even though there are empty seats.

Here's how the rule impacts us: The theater we meet in for worship is a unique environment in that not all of the seats are usable seats. So, of our usable seats, we’ve been bumping up against the 70% rule for the past six months.

All of this means that we need to create more space. We can’t bring more seats into the theater, but we can start a second worship gathering. And that’s what we’re doing on October 20th. We’re moving from one to two because two are better than one.

I have to say one more thing because this space issue is something that we’ll bump up again in the future and you can do a few things to help us make the most of the space with have. If you’re a part of the Hub City family you can help us maximize our usable rows by doing these three things. First, scoot to the center of the theater. Second, fill in the empty seats. Third, sit in the HD section, down front. Doing these things will open up seats for guests.

I believe that as we create space we give God the opportunity to fill that space. And this is another “why” behind the “what.”


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