Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Idols

If you are a part of Hub City you need to be in a Hub Group. If you're not you are missing out. I love what happens in Hub Group. This past week we were looking at the really strange story out of Genesis 22 where God tests Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

We talked about how Isaac had become an idol to Abraham and how God is serious about us having no other God’s before him, and that God has no problem whatsoever asking us to sacrifice those things that get in between us and him, even if those things are important in our lives.
And then Liz said something that is worth sharing. She said that not all idols are bad things. Sometimes an idol can be a good thing, but it’s a good think that’s taken God’s place in our life.
Isaac was a good thing. He was the fulfillment of a promise. He was Abraham's one and only son. But Isaac had become Abraham’s idol.
We left Hub Group committed to asking: What idols do we have in our life? I think it would be good for you to ask the same question as well. Let's not allow the good to get in the way of our great God.


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