Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking notes

I've got to brag on Nathan, my now 12 year old son. 

Each week I tell my boys to take notes on the sermon. It's a great habit to develop and, as Mark Batterson says, The shortest pencil is longer than then longest memory.

Nathan's all into technology stuff, so yesterday he decided to take notes on his iPod. Here are his notes from my sermon. I was impressed with his detail and punctuation.

Luke 1 
Luke was a docter and he interveiwed mary.
God sent the angel gabriel 
To nazereth.
Gabe talks to mary
She was pledged to be married with Joseph.
She was 13-16
Gabe says... The lord is with u. She was troubled and wondered what was going on. The angel says do not be afraid u have found favor with God. U will give birth to a son. (She was not excited because she was not married. Getting pregnate outside of marraige was bad in Jewish culture. That was adultury and that was punishable by death.) She was to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and the he will rule over beside God. His kingdom will never end. How will this be she asked i am a virgin. The angel say you will give birth to the son of God. Mary's cousin elizebeth was also pregnant. For nothing is impossible with God! With God! Luke 1:37
(God plus nothing equals everything.) I am the lords servant may it be to me as u have said. Then the angel left her. 
Are you doing life with or without God?


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