Thursday, December 16, 2010

An opportunity to be generous

I am really looking forward to our second annual Year End Gift Offering that we'll be receiving this Sunday, Dec. 19, at Hub City Church. I know it sounds strange to be looking forward to an offering, but I believe that generosity breaks the hold that greed has over so many of our lives. And many of the Hub City folks are going to go all out with their generosity.

Here's where the offering is going to go towards this year:
  • Year End Gift Offering. We'll be receiving this offering on Sunday, December 19. The goal is $4000 and we're going to split whatever comes in evenly between four ministries.
    1. To purchase medical supplies to help bring an end to the Cholera epidemic in Haiti.
    2. To local ministries like The Have and Celebrate Recovery.
    3. To reach out to our community through new signs and Guerrilla Lover projects.
    4. To purchase needed equipment to make our worship gathering even better for the unchurched and disinterested
So here's what you need to do. Ask God what he would have you or your family give, then do what he says. I challenge you to give your biggest gift to God this Christmas. That's what my family is planning to do.

You can also give online at or by mailing your gift to PO Box 55, Moore SC 29369.


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