Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where I want to go

I love to travel. I love to travel with my whole family. I love to travel with just Liz. I've started making a list of places I'd like to visit sometime in my life. Writing them down is like a challenge/goal. Here's a few:

Road trip up the West Coast.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Virgin Islands
Europe (this could be split into multiple trips)
Grand Canyon
Machu Picchu
New Zealand
An African Safari

That's enough for today. Now if I just had the time and the money to take one month a year for travel... boy is that selfish. :)


At 5:22 PM, October 11, 2009 , Blogger wordgardener said...

You know, if you sign up to raise funds for team in Training for Leukemia research, they will send you to the Grand Canyon in January of 2010, paying your airfare and room fee in a really nice hotel for 2 days--well, that is in phoenix actually so you have 2.5 hours to drive to see the canyon and oh yeah, you also have to walk or run a half marathon....small details really, but you would be proud of yourself:) And helping others is a nice bonus...anyhow thought I would toss you that piece of info--it is how we saw the Grand Canyon last year and it was worth every single mile I limped (had just had a car wreck two weeks prior:) the Grand Canyon is one of those places that you get there and suck in a bunch of air in shock, because it is soooo much more than anyone can tell you. See? this was a shorter blog comment and one more thing you know about us...Cathy Tully and Evan.
PS Travel is not something I consider selfish--it is a way for God to get to use me in surprise out of my element places. He never fails.


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