Monday, October 26, 2009

I feel like a woman

I know Frankie's going to laugh at this, but I've been emotional all day. I feel like a woman whose hormones are going crazy (I know I'll get in trouble with that last statement, but I thought it was kind-of funny). But seriously, I'm messed up.

But it's for a good reason.

I can't tell you what that is right now, but I'm pretty sure I will soon.

But it's exciting, and you may get to participate.


At 6:23 AM, October 27, 2009 , Blogger Jaimee Holmes said...

Hey why should we (women) have all the fun?... I've heard there are over the counter medications for that, but I find chocolate and romantic comedies to be reasonably effective. Allen's home this morning; shall we bring you some? : )


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