Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Launch

Boy is my brain fried, but in a good way. Let's just say that right before we were supposed to start the sound was worse than bad. My mic wouldn't work right. It wasn't good. I was nervous. But then everything started to work, and everything worked fine. That's just one piece of good news.

We had 22 people fill out first time connection cards. That's flippin' AWESOME! There was an incredible buzz from people. We had a ton of kids. Loved meeting new families.

But here's the craziest thing of the morning. Two TV crews showed up. Fox Carolina and WSPA CBS showed up to interview me and some other folks as well as film the gathering. Whoa! I had no idea they were coming. We should be on the news 3 times tonight! I'll post links to the stories when they go live.

A big thanks to everyone who has prayed so hard for today. Please continue to pray. God is up to something and this was just the beginning. We want to give him the credit.


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