Sunday, October 22, 2006

How 'bout them Tigers!!!

All I can say is: That was crazy! I've been going to Death Valley for years, but last night may have been the most excited I've seen the crowd ever. It was a good win.

I'm really writing this to give a shout out to Chris Buccafusco. I hope you're not too depressed. Matt and I were worried about you last night.

The only downer was the parking at Clemson. When is the staff going to get that fixed. Parking lot 4 had about 2000 more cars than spaces. And where are the parkers directing traffic getting in and getting out?

On another note...Today we're going home from the hospital. Real life begins with three boys. I told Levi that I hope he's enjoyed his stay in the hospital because this is a quiet as his life will ever be! (FYI: He was awake during the game last night and watched it with Liz).


At 12:53 PM, November 02, 2006 , Blogger Stephanie said...

I'd like to see some photos of the boys in their Halloween get up.


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