Monday, November 21, 2016

Stop making excuses

I know I might come across as a bit biased because I pastor a church, but I really am convinced that Christians should be in the regular habit of inviting friends, family, coworkers, and the occasional random stranger, to check out their church family. 

The reason I believe this is because I really do believe that we exist to follow Jesus, and part of following Jesus is being an active part of his family. I also believe that everybody spends eternity somewhere and Jesus is pretty clear that the path to eternity in heaven is through him. 

But when it comes to inviting people, too often we have excuses. Tom Rainer posted Ten reason why church members don't invite people. Here's his list: 
“I just don’t think about it.”  
"I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.”
"The music isn’t that good.” 
“The preaching isn’t strong.” 
“We’ve got too many church problems right now.” 
“Our church is already too crowded.” 
“Nobody ever challenged me to invite anyone.” 
“I don’t know how to start the conversation.” 
“It’s the Spirit’s job—not mine—to bring people to church.” 
“It’s too far for people to come.”
Now let's be honest. Some of those are really good excuses. Some are horrible excuses. But they are all still just excuses. 

Stop making excuses and invite someone.

The Christmas season is the best time of the year to invite someone to Hub City. So who's it going to be? 


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