Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I'm waiting

None of us likes to wait. We hate lines. We hate slow internet connections. We're frustrated with trips to the DMV. We live in 2014, for crying out lout! Shouldn't we have eradicated waiting like we've done with Polio? 

While we may dream of eradicating waiting, the truth is, waiting is a normal part of life.

It's also an integral part of the Advent season. We talked about waiting, and specifically, how we can wait well this past Sunday. (You can listen online here if you missed it.)

I came across a great quote this morning while reading a book by John Maxwell that I wish I'd read before Sunday. 
Think of the great men and women who continued to pursue their dreams into old age. Think of people like Moses, who at eighty years of age led 3.5 million people out of captivity. Or Caleb, who at eighty-five years of age said, "Give me that mountain." Or Colonel Sanders, who at seventy years of age discovered "finger lickin' good" chicken. Or Ray Kroc, who after seventy introduced a Big Mac to the world. Then there's Casey Stengel, who at seventy-five became the manager of the Yankees baseball team. And there's Picasso, still painting at eighty-eight, and George Washington Carver, who at eighty-one became head of the Agriculture Department. There's Thomas Edison, who at eighty-five invented the mimeograph machine, and John Wesley, who was still traveling on horseback and preaching at age eighty-eight.
Examples like this are powerful reminders that even thought we don't like waiting, God's got no problem with it. 

Which is why we need to wait proactively, not passively. What can you do to wait proactively this week?


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