Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 7 from Haiti

Today was move in day. 

But before move-in could happen a lot of work needed to be finished: Grouting, clean-up, unpacking the kitchen supplies, and more plumbing. Marc build 6 stools to be used in the bathrooms so that the kids could reach the sinks.

Mike and Neal made the decision to not return with us on Saturday, but to stay a few more days so they could finish all the plumbing for the cottages. I can't say enough about their servant attitudes. They have worked tirelessly and have done such a great job. Just think about it, the kids will have showers a plenty, 3 toilets and three sinks per cabin. The house parents will each have their own room and bathroom, with toilet, sink and shower. This alone is unheard of in Haiti. And they can thank Mike and Neal for hooking it all up. Not sure when these two guys will make it back to the States, so pray we can get them on a flight sometime soon.

There really aren't words to describe what it was like for the kids to see their new home for the first time. They were claiming beds. Checking out the new bathrooms. Exploring the property. And running around playing tag, soccer and being kids. 

I am grateful that we got to be a part of this. But there have been groups coming and working for months leading up to today. It reminded me of what the Apostle Paul said about how some plant and some water. Many had a part to play in getting to today. I am thankful for each of the groups that made this possible.

I have to share a quick story about something that happened during clean-up. Haiti has no trash pickup. Most people just throw their trash on the ground. Trash is everywhere. But those wishing to take care of their property burn their trash. We started a trash burn outside of the wall and were throwing all the scraps we could find into the fire when a boy came up and asked us to give him the scraps instead. His name was Kinston and he was 16. He took every scrap piece of wood and sheetrock that we would give him. This messed me up. I can't imagine my kids out collecting scraps. 


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