Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Love Does - a review

This book was a complete blast to read. Love Does, by Bob Goff, is filled with unbelievable and adventurous stories. Hitch-hiking with Satan, having with world leaders, rescuing imprisoned kids... this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bob has done things with his life that are so far fetched and crazy that they inspire me to change how I live. 

But what makes this book extremely valuable is how he uses his incredible stories to teach us about God. And the picture he paints is needed and refreshing. What makes it even better, in my opinion, is that Bob isn't a professional Christian (ie. "paid minister"). 

This was the most entertaining book I've read in months, maybe years. I couldn't wait to learn more about his life and adventures. I also was reminded of our God who loves us in ways that are way beyond our wildest dreams.

I highly recommend Love Does. It will entertain you, inspire you, challenge you and lead you to a place of growth and development.


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